How to get the return of the Run_Mysql Query method - Deep Host extension

I already work with kodular + php script. But the routine of creating a webview, signaling the script’s url, etc. etc. is making the code block huge (my project with just 1 SCREEN). So yesterday I decided to study the MYSQL Deep Host extension. I had the impression that it really is a great tool to speed up development. The problem is: Run_Mysql Query Nothing is returning. In the On_Success or On_Failed method, I send the value parameter on the screen. But, nothing is shown. The Select SQL command has already been tested on PHPMYADMIN. I forced an error (writing a wrong name for a table field), an execution error was shown.
How do I get the return of a Run_Mysql Query (Select with 4 or 5 INNER JOIN)?

But why are you using any extension.
You can do same thing using web component.
You can read more here:

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Friend, I explained in the question. I mentioned that I already use web component + php script returning JSON. And the blocks for each Select, Insert, Update are big and I’m making an app with only one screen. So it’s getting really big. And any small search to return 1 value of 1 field so that this field can be the parameter of the other SQL commands is overwhelming. I saw the video (I think it was you) where to get 1 value from 1 field the blocks are minimal. So I found the extension to be useful for speeding up.
But if the extension exists, why NOT use it?

sorry, but I do not understand, what exactly makes your project so huge…
the original tutorial does not need any extension… I would not consider it huge… just call the runQuery procedure together with your query… it’s simple. isn’t it?


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Maybe because I’m doing it this way where each PHP with SQL command + logic is in 1 .php file on the server.
One Block :bloco77
and "WEB1 URL to set blocks and "WEB1 Post .Text call blocks.

But, the other extension -DEEP HOST, then the Run_Mysql method doesn’t work?

you might want to contact the author of the extension by email… unfortunately he does not answer here in the community…

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Part of the problem is solved: Run Mysql is only returning the list by calling the Get_Columns method. But this is not ideal. I sent an email to the developer and I’m waiting.

Deep-Host’s Run Query Option Is Valid On Selected Query That Is Mentioned On The Description Just Hover On it And See What Can Do Run_Query Function

Thanks for the tip. But I decided to use my Server-side Scripts. :+1:

But Keep Data Secure From MYSQL Injection It’s Very Dangers For Your Data

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Ok . I am aware of this danger.Thanks for the tip :+1: :+1:
But, you use a Deep Host extension , what protection?

There is The Key Of MYSQL key Is First Security And Using " Is Second Security And Many Things We Can Do For Security Purpose Like Encryption The data With Own Rules

Rogerio_Rios, could you please explain how you did to solve this problem using Get_Columns method?

It was a long time ago. I went to study this extension and as I found this bug, I gave up and created my own PHP + Web Component Scripts.


the solution is to NOT use the Deep Host extension, there is no support anyway
see also


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