Help needed for viewing subtitle files from sd card or usb storage

I need help
I make an application to view subtitle files for my android satellite receiver (android 7)
I can read files from device storage (storage/emulated/0)
But when I use SD card or USB I can see the files but i cannot read them
i use read and write permission also i use manage all files permission but the problem not solved

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Thanks @dora_paz.

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Try this: readTextFromSDcards.apk (5.3 MB)

Android 9:

Thank you your apk list txt files in SD card and USB and read them
the files i want to read end with .srt so your application did not list them
so can you help me to read subtitle files
as i said before i can read the files from main storage my problem with usb and sd card

These blocks work same as bodymindpower shown in screenshots / .apk file

Result file:///system/xbin/

Android 7

just replace dir file:///system/xbin with your SD card path

i tested in android emulator virtual SD card because my phone doesn’t support SD card

Try this: readTextFromSDcards2.apk (5.3 MB)

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@bodymindpower yes it work
can you tell me how you do your application

This is all you need:

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I checked it on a Galaxy Note8 (Android 9) from the external storage and removable micro SDcard. But my Android 11 test devices don’t have a removable SD card, so I was only able to test it on the external storage (and it works).

But maybe someone can check it on an Android 11+ device with a removable SDcard.
I think it should work there too. But I want to be sure.

@bodymindpower can you please check my aia project as it doesn’t work with me
I do not know where is the problem i make all the block as the picture you send but efile do not get text from any file
I also send apk
Browsestorage.aia (53.8 KB)
Browsestorage.apk (5.2 MB)

@bodymindpower thank you i found the problem i was using Efile version 3
when i use version 4 every thing work fine

Exactly, always use the latest extension versions.

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