Help needed permission request for webviewer app

Hello Friends
So i created a new app for my website
And my website needs caméra and microphone permission he is like chating website
So i add caméra permission request
But it don’t work and show me 908 error
So can you please help me

Can you please give me the right code that i néed to add so a can request microphone and caméra permissionUploading: 15811007477812984425207730833097.jpg…

which components are you using? or are you using only a webviewer?
usually those components add the required permissions automatically


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I’m using only a webviewer

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I wish any one help me please
I really need to résolve this problèmes quickly

show your (relevant) blocks

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We need to see all relevant blocks
eg the video.PermissionGranted event etc.


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… right mouse click:

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This is more info about whta i need
So my website need camera-micro-voice permission to work .

For exemple this website :
It asks for camera permission & micro & voice permission
So how can i do a webviewer to this website and show notification about the permission request and get ability to accept it and run the caméra
Please i wish any one help me and send me the blocks that i need to do so this website can work
In thé app and thanks or any one can créate a test apk or aia with solution please
I already try my best to solve that but nothing work for me so please help and thanks

see here:

Thanks for your reply
But the problèmes it’s appybuilder are not working first i can’t upload the aia
Second i can’t build and export the app from it
I wish there is any other way on kodular to solve this problem or any extension