Help Needed Regarding Quiz App (Offline/Online)

I am a school teacher. I want to make this application for my students as the monthly test is being taken by the authorities on the Tablet. I want to make practice app. I want to use this app offline but want to update occasionally when the internet is available. I can make it online but cant integrate into offline mode. Your guidance is highly appreciated. Thanks

See also.

Hope this is what you want:


Thank you @Shreyash but my case is different.

Can you be a bit more detailed, like what you actually want to do?


I have uploaded pictures with details. I have questions database in Airtable. I want questions data to be imported in tinydb when the application starts if the internet is available or when the user clicks on the sync button. The app works in offline mode normally. Actually the problem is how to set the fetched data in tinydb?

I would suggest you to use file component rather than tinyDB to store your airtable data as it is more reliable than tinyDB.

How can i save the fetched data in file component?

Oh wait I think you can also use tinyDB. Here is the image of the blocks:

Note: I have never ever used airtable earlier, so there’s a possibility that this may or may not work.

Just use one controll flag for upload check. If it’s true = you need update. else you don’t need it.

You can save data to tinydb and when connection avaible and upload status flag true

If you want update question database
You can use tinydb tag

Get value. revision
Valueiftagnotthere. 0

And check it using < value 12

This value12 is stored on the web and when app database updated you need increase it for roll up update