Help Push notifications?

I want to add push notification on my project. But onesignal has inappropriate ads. So i dont want it onesignal. Can we use Firebase Cloud Messaging? Please help. And i want get a notification when the app closes. Any Extension could you suggest?

Have you searched the forum?

Yes but i dont find it :frowning: sorry

Which type of ads ?

+18 ads. I think I used too much notifications and ads showed up.

Onesignal will not do that
Those ads may be from other apps

I made a multiplayer game. Users can send game invitations and notification to each other.
I used this extension
maybe this is the reason

Can you change your name to something that isnā€™t gibberish? :rofl:

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Did you get ad while testing?
I mean did you send that notification

Why not u use kodular inbuilt One Signal component.

It does not show any ads.

This is @Jerin_Jacob 's extension
He should answer if he implemented ads in it

i use both. because i want send notification user to user. kodular extension cant do this.