Help regarding a button

Hi, everyone
I want a button which floats on a side of the screen as the screen is a scrollable screen and I want that to always to be present. Please help.

Use floating action button component.

How to ? Please explain @WeMakeBest

I am unable because it doesn’t appear on the screen itself so don’t know the location where it will be.

Add floating button is not complicate just drag and drop floating action button and by default it will appear in “Bottom | Right” corner.

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okay, but it is not visible in the screen of the kodular phone

just tell me another thing, what is material icon name ? @WeMakeBest

go to Google Fonts and search for your icon and then add that icon text in your material icon name.

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what if I am uploading an asset ? Should I remove the default text in the floating button ? @WeMakeBest

Just select your uploaded assets in floating action button

Not need.

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hi, how to move the floating button on top of the screen ? @WeMakeBest

Please help



Thanks, hope it works :smiley: :smiley:

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