Help regarding any component card click

Hello Koders,
I am working on an app and facing some issues. I made a dynamic layout using the Dynamic Component extension by Yusuf Cihan. Everything worked perfectly I am using Airtable for storing data and used that for displaying in dynamic card view. but now I want to make the card view click option.

I tried this. I want to achieve that whenever a user clicks on card view it gets the position of card view. I am stuck here.

Make sure the get id is number or not…

No, i am not getting number in get id block.

Show us your dynamic component creation procedure especially this card view.

here is the full block that i am using to make dynamic card view.

Your card id will be CV31, CV32, CV33, CV34, CV35

The highlighted numbers are the position ID you should be using onClick event. To do so, simply replace the CV3 with nothing(!) :sweat_smile: and then use the ID.

For example, CV31, When you replace CV3, you’ll get the ID 1.

This block will help you replacing the unwanted part.

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