Dynamic component extension cardview click not working

I am using dynamic component extension
First see the block

When I click cardview of dynamic components 1 shown in box is working fine
But when I click cardview of dynamic component 2 then it’s not working

Please Help

Download block as image so we can see it clearly.
How did you create your dynamic component?

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your block is wrong tottaly

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Please suggest me how to place block

You’re duplicating blocks in the if statement too… Why use an if statement on getting a component? It doesn’t make sense. Plus, you’d only use if (component), not if (GetComponent(GetId(component))).

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I personally use this way to get my work done.
and it works 100% for me

@devcafeofficial , you blocks are totally wrong and seems workless because we have already clicked component in component variable then why we need to use GetComponent block to get component, and also don’t provide wrong blocks to anyone. Do you think GetComponent method can ever return a boolean so you can use it in if conditions.?

@Pradhumn_Singh , you can use these blocks to get the click on card view. Not at only card view you can use this method to get click on any component. Just make sure you have to edit the piece parameter with the extra joined id of component.

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@Sumit1334 You did not read my this comment (above comment) I guess.
I did the same thing as you’re saying.

well there are always different ways to do the same thing. so its your personal preference, which way u want to go on

I have read it. And I would like to tell you that mostly koders uses loop for making component with joining the extra name as Id. I don’t think we always have a list of ids so we can check it by list method.

Obviously. :slightly_smiling_face:

I will go on mine blocks. Because we don’t need any list or something , just make the component normally and for your method, we also need a list of ids that isn’t necessary for mine.

My project is bigger enough, so I needed list of dy cardview ids as a secondary parameters. to get my other things done.
never mind :slightly_smiling_face:

My problem solved by @devcafeofficial
And thanks all of you for your hep and support

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