When clicked dynamic component then show error Bad argument to select list item

This is error


  1. Check whether values are present in all the global variables

  2. Make sure your Dyna ID is number only

If possible show us how did you create the cardview especially the ID used for cardview

The GetCompoment method provides component name and not any number and in your blocks above, it is expecting an index i.e. a number, and not any component name.
So change the blocks marked below such that they provide a number(may be component id) and then try again.

And btw the id parameter that you are passing to GetComponent method is also wrong


Instead of using
Call dynamic component get component
ID(get component)

If possible, Try with
call dynamic component get ID
component(get component)

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If the ID is only number use second block

If the ID is image1 then use third block and in the replacement block, segment place type image


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It’s good that you are trying to help the user, but let user first rectify the original mistake and then, if needed and if user asks, you can provide additional help. There is no point in posting the same thing again and again
Why to confuse user initially before he/she tries to implement the provided solution by himself/herself? Just for getting that Solution tick?

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