Need help to solve error in Dynamic CardView

I Used Dynamic Compponent Extension for my app, but I Continuesly Got Error:

Please Check my blocks and help me to solve it

The error itself says everything!

ID is already used. Use different ids for each component.

Try this:

For card view1 set id to 100 + get number
For another component 200 + get number


Use join text block and attach

Card view 1
Get number

Are you calling this procedure anywhere else? Everytime when you call this procedure, make sure that you clear-off all IDs before

No, I Never call it anywhere else except here

So when do you call this procedure?

Thank You @The_K_Studio For Sollution.
Thank you @Vaibhav, Issue is Solved Now, Thanks for Support

Now I Get This Error…

Your are trying to select 4th item from a list which only has 3 items

I Never Do it… I Just Change Some Blocks As @The_K_Studio Suggest from Above Image

How many images do you have in your cloudinary database?

I Have lots of images available but i manage this data using airtable spreadsheet. there are only 3 row available

The error may be here :point_up: You are fetching only 3 rows(items) in total and then trying to select 4th item from them

Here is My Airtable Sheet Image

This is full view of blocks I use:

and there are only 3 rows so why it try to connect with 4th?

Just change one block.

length of list get global image in place of name.

I think in your global name list there are 4 items but in global image 3 items thats why this error occurs.

In Every variable list there should be same number of list items.

Thnx @The_K_Studio

I Changed it but when i refresh screen 3 to 5 times, i got that error…
I don’t know how is it possible?

Try in apk.

Problem is still getting?

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