Help regarding app

hey all

i am trying to make a app in which i speak the name of a person (from my contacts) and it would call that person

i have koded some part , but got stuck can someone help me

my code

and i have used leo contact extension

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can you share your aia, you have done something wrong in last blocks

Exactly where are you stuck?

Ando, :point_down:

Also I guess there would be problem in publishing your app to Play Store(if your going to) but not very sure

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In this part I only got stuck

I wanted that If the user speaks call xyz
Then it would replace xyz with " "
Then if that name is in the list then it would call it

I made a list in which all the contacts are stored like


You might need to replace the last block.

This one will work:

If the get result is call 1234567890
Then only the number 1234567890 will be stored in the variable number


Then you can easily set the phone number to get number and make a call.

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Remember this is not an empty string. It contains a space in it. So that any space in the result can be replaced by an empty string.


Rest of them are empty strings.

Hope I made myself clear.

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