Help regarding video Streaming App (Status app)

i wanna to create Whatsapp status video App and very much confused about how can i make videos appear in my app firstly as a list on home page and then when any video is selected then to play it in new screen or other layout…

For example App like this one :

Can anyone help?


Have you tried anything?
If no, then first give it a try and if you are stuck on something we are here to help.


I have tried with firebase I got a way to view it but with no Title .
I wanna to show video with firebase tags like this
Firebase main storage :point_down:

  • Catagory​:point_down:
    +Video Number​:point_down:
    Video Title:
    Video Thumbnails
    Video URL

How are you trying it? Do you have any label or anything that shows the title?

its the cardView Extension

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