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Hi community, I am displaying data got from Airtable using dynamic components extension by @yusufcihan, my problem is when the button is clicked in the dynamic arrangement, how can I get that arrangement id? the id in a variable is changed when data is loaded.

What I tried

I have no idea, from where to start :sob:, I can explain in detaily if you help me

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Add a static arrangement to the screen and make it hidden.

Then go to the “Blocks” and find Any Component.


Under then select “Any Horizontal (or Vertical) Arrangement”.

Find the related event. And add the event to the workspace.

Then use GetId block along with component parameter to learn component’s ID.

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I will PM you

I think what @Xoma want is

Suppose there is an arrangement (HA or VA)
Now in this arrangement there is a button and on the click of this button, @Xoma want to know the arrangement’s ID in which the clicked button is

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Maybe we could set the same id for different components :sob:, but many developers, how do they do?

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Using variable whenever they create new arrangements anything (cardview, button,etc…) or by joining text with number.

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so, that is the only way right? Any easy one,

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Join text with the number remember text must be different

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I use a kind of system for id text+number as @VSatish told.

Text - sub id
Number - main Id

So if you create a button in HA. Then the ID of HA is ha1 and button is bt1.
And when button click then you will get id and just remove the text and you will get main I’d from that you can get Id of button.

Hope you got it. Because it’s quite confusing. But helpful.
I may create a guide after hackathon.

There is much to do with the extension by @yusufcihan

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