Dynamic component property setter is not working

I am using a dynamic component and getting data from airtable . Buy its property setter is not working. I can post blocks or aia. any one help me please.

First show your blocks .

Read this,

I am using the same method. Did you check my blocks. its working in another app but not in this app.

Show us the block, when any card view clicked if you have used it

It should be card view (sorry for hand writing)

because you have created card and trying to set a property of horizontal arrangement


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blocks - 2021-04-06T213925.717

Where do you create with this procedure horizontal arrangement ? The message tells you everything you need , you try to set a proprerty of horizontal arrangement using cardview component

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no this is not true

What is not true @new_code

Here you try to set property for horizontal arrangement but the components are in card view.

If you want to show the things in card view, instead of using dynamic compounds why don’t you use dynamic card view?

Here is a guide go for dynamic card view

Using Dynamic Cards - Kodular Docs

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but its working in my another app.

As @Enderman suggested change all blocks reffering to horizontal arrangement with cardview


I did it also but its not working .

Which version of dynamic components do you have ?

I m using 2.2.2

If you wish post your aia

Now I am using kodular dynamic card, label and image.Lets see then I post aia to you .

For me it’s working perfect with dynamic components

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