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What is the name of the bar or icon that appears when the app is minimized at the top of the cel. I think I have seen somewhere an extension that could be like this. Could you help me?

Is This ?

what I was asking what it is called is the bar / menu that appears when you slide the navigation bar, the one that works in the background I think it is called, and it places an icon on the top bar

Notification? Slide menu? I did not understand.

Can you how a screen shot for what you want to so we can understand you better.:wink:

I think he is asking about this

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Yuo can use the notification component or

The navigation bar icon will be created when the notification is created.

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Is it possible to leave the notification icon permanent while the application is running?

What is This friend ? I never see This. Is This a icon ???

Yes it is possible until application is running

With use of

or notification component

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Could you help me with it? I have generated a simple notification with the extension of jarlissonlira2. But it can be closed by sliding it. I would like to leave it permanent, that it disappears only when closing the app …

See this @El_Abad

Any way let us don’t go #off-topic

I used precisely that extension. However, I can’t make the icon stay fixed. That is, the user can remove it at will. And I do not want that… :grin:

Try setting importance 0 to 3 check if works

Please check my post:

Also that is going #off-topic


I just did it and it doesn’t work. Easily removed if slipped :expressionless:

this is the block diagram? will there be any error?