Help to automatically set text box text in web component and click on the button

I want to set youtube video ID in the web text box and automatically click on get api button and display the text in label , Its a trick to convert youtube video link to streamers link which is very useful

Please help me to slove this out

You Have To Use Webviwer Javascript

So please tell me js for it

What you want

Youtube Video download when you click on button in app

When you Click on button In App then it should Get convert into api like the website do

I donot mean youtube video downloader , I want to make a youtube link to direct videos link

Ok Direct Downloadable Link

Like This

“links”: [

Yes , it encodes using php

Try This

Use Function

To Set The Video Id

Js: document.getElementById("txt_url").value = "Youtube Video Url";

And Then To Get Api Click


Thank you , @Decoder_360

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