Help to finish a Work Order app

I have an app where two different types of people will use it. the requester and the technician
here below is the requester’s screen

and here below is the technician’s screen

In short, I want to make an application to create a work order. the requester will ask the technician to carry out some repair. and the database that I am using is google spreadsheets

When the requester clicks on “ABRIR CHAMADO” this is the screen that will appear to fill in these fields:

When he clicks on “ENVIAR”, the data he filled in comes to this spreadsheet (so far everything is ok)

but I want the cell in the “STATUS” column to automatically be filled in as “PENDENTE” when the requester clicks ENVIAR

also, Do you see that on both screens (technician’s screen and requester’s screen) you have the option “VER CHAMADOS”?

This is the screen that should appear when you click “VER CHAMADOS”: I would like to open a list like the one circled in green.

the list that will appear here is the data that is entered in that spreadsheet that I showed above (chamados_abertos). but what I managed to pull from the spreadsheet was this list below. What I couldn’t do was automatically generate the icon for “Pending”

in other words, I want it to stay like this:

but in the list that I managed to pull automatically, I don’t know how to pull the Pending icon instead of the text

When I click on an item in the list, this screen will open where these fields “solicitante, setor, linha…” will all be automatically filled in according to the spreadsheet I sent above

This screen will also be seen by both users, the requester and the technician
the difference is that I don’t want the “RESOLVER” button to appear on the requester’s screen. is it possible?

The “RESOLVER” button will only be available to the technician. and when he clicks on this button, the Progress Bar at the top goes to option 2 (Em andamento) and automatically the cell in the spreadsheet will change from “Pendente” to “Em andamento”. is it possible too?

I would like to know if someone can finish these pending issues for me? I will pay if necessary

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You have a lot of tasks to solve in your work on this app.

Does this app need to be delivered within a deadline?

I sent you a private message