Help with back button, closing the app instead of going to the url that was before

My web app has a page composed of various options, allowing the user to select what they would like to access. However, when the user clicks on the back button, instead of being directed to the previous URL, the application closes. I am having difficulty resolving this issue and would appreciate any help.

![Captura de Tela 2023-01-16 às 11.47.41|690x365]

Show your relevant blocks

but based i feel there is no connection with your query and the blocks… Do you have only these block for back pressesd? what is your else logic? if i am step 3 of page and on back pressed i must be in step2 na… but …

You can try

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It’s something like if I’m on any url other than my app’s home url and I press the back button then it should return to the home url. The problem is that the application is closing instead of returning

That block called meuespaco is a web view