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Please help, this question sound simple but I need your help am confused. I have four buttons with background color white, whenever I click on button 1 I want the background color red and all others will remain white also when I click on button2 I want the background color red and button1 turns white again also if I click on button3 background color turn red and button2 turns white again. In a nutshell what am driving out is that whenever a button is clicked the button background color turns red and all other button remain white, i.e no two button must turn red at the same time. Please help

What have you tried with


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Have tried with checkbox but not getting it

Thank you for your blocks it really helps. Which means I can as well use it for check box.:+1:

You can use the section of this guide:

To reduce it:


If you prefer that way it’s more sophisticated but more complicated for someone who asks something like this :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your blocks :heart:

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I wonder! Why not assign all the buttons the white background color and then color the used red button without deleting the button pressed from the list?
For practical purposes I delete an instruction by reducing the size of the app (very few kb maybe)

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