Help with clock timer

Hello everyone ,
I used

  • Vertical Alignment and loading Lottie file in it,
  • Vertical Alignment and No network Lottie file ,
  • Vertical Scroll Alignment and custom listview
    And Timer to make them visible and hide ,

When screen initialize VA loading is visible,and both are invisible

And Timer duration is 3 sec ,
When the clock = timer , if network is available I showed vertical scroll alignment with list view else it shows No network .


It’s good when I used like this in fast internet but when I used slow internet there is some sec gap between ( Loading screen & Custom Listview )

My question is,
How can I show the loading screen until the Listview loaded and there shouldn’t be any gap of white screen between them ,

Check this video too ,
1.mp4 (9.7 MB)

And my APK file too VN.apk (5.1 MB)

dont use timer, simply when listview loaded completely an items added to list view that disable lottie and show listview

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But there isn’t any option for fully loaded

where are you adding items to list? right after that use that method, like where you are adding items to list , right below there use , set lottie visible to false, set list arrangement visible to true

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Still I didn’t understand anything

Where’s From Are You List Geting

If FireBase Use Blocks Like This

When Firebase Got Value
Set listview List Value
Set Lottie Arrangement Visible to False

If Any Other Data Base Use

When (DataBase) Got Value
    Set listview List Value
    Set Lottie Arrangement Visible to False
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Like this ?

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Yes But I Think You Don’t Need This Function

If Call Network1.Is Connected

You Should Use It When You Call To Load Data

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Now it stucked on loading screen

You Have To Recheck Your Blocks You Haven’t Set The Value In Listview After Got All Rows

Thank you now it’s working fine ,
I use network test in screen initialize and when got value value hide them :heart_eyes:

Mark As Solution If You got

After viewing your blocks i suggest you to don’t use timer…

You should call list view when data is loaded… That’s the best way for every internet connection… Either slow or fast

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