Help With notifications

yes that is a problem , then post that to bug section, and soon they will fix that problem

I understand, but this problem already has some time, because a while ago I tried to do the same thing when I saw that it didn’t work I removed it, now I need it and I can’t use it

there is only an option to post this as bug, and Kodular Team may Assist you better or check that or fix for next release,

I understand, I didn’t post error because I didn’t know if it was my or kodular problem, and my English is bad, and they may not understand well and I don’t want to give any more problems than there are already, I’m sure they already know and are looking for solutions

i think @Boban can Understand that problem , an help us to fix this

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This is not a bug it’s just how it works, if you switch screen as recommended then it will work


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But that causes screen 1 to close. And I’d like it to stay running so that when from the bottom back screen 2 it closes and displays screen 1

yes, This can work as @Boban Gives Solution, this method will works , thanks Boban , @adrianjael15 try that

Does that method cause screen 1 to close or I’m wrong?

Yes it does and I don’t like it either but this was the only way they got notifier to work with all those new stuff in notifier component


If I understand but if I put that method on my screen 1 will close screen 1

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use that o screen2, not on screen1

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No other way to have 2 notifications?

Yes but those are paid


But on my screen 2 I already have that when I click back button close screen 2, screen 2 always closes, screen 1 does not close and I do not want it to close

then there is nothing else you can do, use this and screen 1 will will initilize again what the matter? if screen1 closes and then on back press opens again?

If I understand perfectly this, I just didn’t want screen 1 to close, I’m going to try to try another way, you have to look for the logic or way to do it should exist

This happen bcoz your Screen1 is in the background. You have to close it or reload it.
Close Screen1 and then open Screen2,
now press back on Screen2 and close Screen2 and simultaneously open Screen1.
By this Screen1 will reload/open again and notifier will start working again

If I understand, I just don’t want screen 1 to close, I know that screen 1 is in the background and that’s what I want