Help With notifications

I wanted to ask for your help, I can’t find the wrong one and I can’t fix it either.

I have 2 screens

Screen 1: When you start you have multiple buttons one of them when you click a notification is displayed.

screen 2 : It’s exactly the same has buttons and when you click a notification is displayed,


When I’m on screen 2, and the notification is displayed, if I go back to screen 1 the notification no longer works

When the notification on screen 2 is displayed the notification of screen 1 does not, it works, if screen notification 2 is not displayed, screen notification 1 works,


It’s simple to show notification and nothing else,

As I can make the 2 notifications work, I have 2 notification components on screen 1 and screen 2

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This is a Bug in Kodular and still in waiting to be fixed, @Peter Can You Please Have eyes on this issue?

Now I understand why I couldn’t do anything to correct it eh spent hours looking for solution, some temporary solution?

use open another screen instead of closing screen, and on screen 1 when back press close application, on screen2 when back press, open another screen screen1, this is the only solution yet,

because i also tried when other screen close option but still that doesn’t fix the problem

I understand what you’re saying but if I do this it will reload screen 1, and I don’t want you to do this because you use rams to open the screens and my home screen has a lot of stuff, and on phones with little rams it can be a slow problem or even close the app , I’ve already tried that

yes that is a problem , then post that to bug section, and soon they will fix that problem

I understand, but this problem already has some time, because a while ago I tried to do the same thing when I saw that it didn’t work I removed it, now I need it and I can’t use it

there is only an option to post this as bug, and Kodular Team may Assist you better or check that or fix for next release,

I understand, I didn’t post error because I didn’t know if it was my or kodular problem, and my English is bad, and they may not understand well and I don’t want to give any more problems than there are already, I’m sure they already know and are looking for solutions

i think @Boban can Understand that problem , an help us to fix this

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This is not a bug it’s just how it works, if you switch screen as recommended then it will work


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But that causes screen 1 to close. And I’d like it to stay running so that when from the bottom back screen 2 it closes and displays screen 1

yes, This can work as @Boban Gives Solution, this method will works , thanks Boban , @adrianjael15 try that

Does that method cause screen 1 to close or I’m wrong?

Yes it does and I don’t like it either but this was the only way they got notifier to work with all those new stuff in notifier component


If I understand but if I put that method on my screen 1 will close screen 1

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use that o screen2, not on screen1

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No other way to have 2 notifications?