When click back to previous screen custom notifier didnt work

I made an app which use firebase database to load content. When i come back to main screen where custom notifier is situated it is not working.

Then i use when other screen back pressed open main screen. When main screen again initialised then notifier is working but when simply i use close screen block the notifier is not working.

This again and again i use open another screen block to go back to main screen. This leads to main screen to load data from firebase again.

I want that when i back from other screen to main screen i should not use open another screen block

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use this on main screen block to quit app instead of close screen

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I dont want to close app.
Suppose i have 2 screens and on 1st screen i put a custom notifier ok then when i open 2nd screen and press back then the 1st screen will open ok so if i use close screen block on 2nd screen then it will open 1st screen but then custom notifier is not opening.

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did you call show custom dialog under when screen1.intialize block to show custom notifier
share some blocks

Unfortunately, that’s how Notifier works in Kodular

Yes, what is alternative solutions you have if i remove blocks under when screen1 initialised

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But is there any other way to fix custom notifier instead of under when screen1 initialised

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Try creating a second notifier after you came back from the screen

Where to put that create custom dialog block again?

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Show blocks then i will help you want you want

Blocks not problem. When Scree1 initialize then custom notification work properly but when go screen1 to screen2 and back screen2 from screen1 then custom Notification not work.

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Yes thats is the problem

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Don’t be rude here​:relaxed:

Yes i also faced same issue on custom notification dialog .
For example if there are two screens “Screen1” & “Screen2”, When you open app custom notifications dialogs are working on screen1 but you you go to screen 2 and back to screen1 custom notification dialogs aren’t showing.

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I don’t know for how long you’re going to debate about this, but read my previous post

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Kodular team should fix this issu

or check this video sir https://youtu.be/TGmfmuBhxBo

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I am also facing same problem in notifer :smirk:

Last time I am going to comment in this thread, this is not bug or whatever you might think, switch screen properly and your Notifier will work