Problem with Notifier when back from Switch Screens

Hi, I found the “how to switch screens correctly” and the “Notifier not appear when coming from other screen” (that is actually my problem) somewhere in this forum but, although the recommendation to use a close screen block after calling a new screen solves the problem of the Notifier not displaying after returning from a secondary screen it moves focus out of my App.
The menu I created on Screen1 is as below:

As you can see the recomendation to have a “Close Screen” at the end of the block is there.
If I remove this “Close Screen” Notifier will fail whenever another screen is called and returns but this Close Scree also pushes my App to the background.
I do not want my App to be pushed to the background every time I return from a secondary screen.
Also, All secondary Screens and like this:
Obviously the “CloseScreen” at Screen1 is closing Screen1 once the seconday Screen was already closed on the block above.
Is that the expected behavior when applying this solution to the problem of the Notifier stop working under these conditions?

This is how notifier works

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