Help with old app made with appy builder

i made an app 6 years ago in appy builder.
Now i want to continue developing it, but after importing in kodular it give error “unable to find component listutils”. I found this old extensions but how i can give it to kodular?
Kodular stuck on opening my aia with “getting things ready” screen spinning forever.
Thanks to who will try to help me!

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You cannot import another builder’s AIA into Kodular.


Thanks, but isn’t appy builder the kodular precursor?
Then my code is lost? There isn’t a workaround to rescue it?

You need to recreate everything in your Kodular project

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Ok but i thought that my aia is the source code but if i can’t read or open it, my code is lost forever.
Please help me to rescue my code…

Try this


Thanks, i already tried this site but how to recreate the app interface? Anyway the possibility to view blocks is a good thing.

you could open the aia file using 7zip and edit the bky and scm files and remove that component manually
then try again to open the project
@Boban is our specialist in project surgery



thanks taifun,
i have some 5 lines like this…

<mutation component_type="ListUtils" method_name="SortList" is_generic="false" instance_name="ListUtils1"></mutation>
                                                                    <field name="COMPONENT_SELECTOR">ListUtils1</field>

i have to delete entire lines wherever these appair in every bky and scm?
how to recreate the listutils function then?

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  • Download AppyBuilder (offline version) from GitHub,
  • install it,
  • import your project and open it,
  • remove the ListUtils component and replace it with the ListUtils extension.
  • Try to import the project into Kodular.
  • If necessary, remove any other components that are not compatible with Kodular and replace them with extensions if possible.


Good advice thank you!

For appybuilder offline, I have to install java jdk registering me on the
platform? Or there is a workaround?

Operating system?
See e.g. here: Java SE Development Kit Download - ComputerBase

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Thank you!

Sorry if i ask too much…this will work instead of oracle one?

I use win10.

Why else would I have sent you the link?

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Btw, did you back up your AppyBilder keystore back then? If not, you won’t be able to update your app in the Play Store (without Google assigning you a new keystore).

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Hehe sorry, you’re right. I’ll try

I think yes that i should have saved it…i hope! :grin:

I installed the zip here:

for win 10.

Changed environment variables and tested in prompt the java version.
It appears correct:

openjdk version “22.0.1” 2024-04-16
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 22.0.1+8-16)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 22.0.1+8-16, mixed mode, sharing)

When i start appybuilderfrontend i have this error:

“Starting AppInventor…”
Executing [F:\Programmi\Java\jdk-22.0.1\bin\java, -D–enable_all_permissions=true, -Duse_jetty9_runtime=true, -Xbootclasspath/p:G:\AppyBuilderPersonal-master\AppEngine\lib\override\appengine-dev-jdk-overrides.jar, -classpath, G:\AppyBuilderPersonal-master\AppEngine\lib\appengine-tools-api.jar,, --property=kickstart.user.dir=G:\AppyBuilderPersonal-master, --no_java_agent, --port=8888, --address=, G:\AppyBuilderPersonal-master\GUIServer]
Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
-Xbootclasspath/p is no longer a supported option.
Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.

I don’t know how to do to fix this problem…

Try jdk 8 instead of 22

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