Help with post api

my api request is not being accepted

is correct?

What response error you are getting

Please use the JSON component so that the request can be formatted correctly without thinking where the brackets should be.

that the data is invalid

I didn’t find the tutorial on how to post json

As i suggest first try with postman

Did you set the URL first?


on the postman works correctly

Can you show all of your blocks? In the second image you have the callbackUrl set to and in the first you have it set to In the second image the returnUrl is and in the first it’s the same thing,


the second image is the example of the api (docs)

Docs: PicPay - E-Commerce Public API Docs

use Do it to get a result of your JSON string, then validate it using an online service like


Did you add content-type : application/json in headers.
And another thing if it works in postman then main problem i guess is header that i mentioned
Above nand second is json should be send in string format

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