Help with streaming camera from phone to laptop, please :)

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Question #2
How do I push my camera stream to port 8080? I have my camera displaying on the app like this -

Then I think I’m supposed to just push the data to concatenate with the IP address and add “:8080”, then push the data there. However, the function below won’t accept “Web1.URL1” as the input (see below)

I definitely appreciate any help you can throw my way! Thanks!

Extensions used


Answer is already given there.

@ShaikhSajidAli That information is assumed already, but it’s not the solution.

I already do understand that i will need a server running on the laptop on port 8080.

Now, how do i push the camera stream to port 8080 on the local wifi to be on that server? That is my question.

You didn’t read correctly.
Port 8080 or localhost or any is local server for computer only it didn’t serve outside or any other device connected to it.

Respectfully, I don’t think you understand the question.

Take a look at this app iVCam - Use mobile phone as a PC webcam | E2ESOFT

It runs a server on the PC, then has a mobile app that streams to port 8080 on the local wifi to show the camera view on the PC. It is absolutely possible and been done before, I’m just trying to finalize how to do it within Kodular.

If you have any clarifying questions, please ask. It’s frustrating that you keep trying to shut down my post without asking to understand first.

I think its not possible to connect to server using web component.
Secondly you only have local server on port 8080 you need to write script to listen for certain event and give response back.

You are misunderstanding i don’t want you keep topic alive till 3020 don’t care i just explaining that serving localhost port 8080 is not big deal and not enough that you are trying to do.

Let’s give my post a couple days, is that okay? It doesn’t need to be open until 3020. How about one week maybe?

You’ve replied multiple times to my post with information that was hasty, uninformed, and counter productive.

You’re supposed to promote learning, engagement, conversation, etc. You’re trying to shut all of those thing down on my post.

Would you mind just leaving my post for a couple days and not posting any replies on it, please?

Can you share that CameraViewer extension? or where can i get it?