Help with decoding QR from variable and streaming camera to port 8080, please :)

Hi! I’m working on an app to stream the camera viewer on my phone to a website on my PC. My idea is to have a server running on port 8080 on the laptop. The laptop will display a QR code with the local IP address for the phone app to grab, decode, concatenate with “:8080”, and then use that address to stream the video for the laptop to catch with it’s server.

I have two speed bumps I can’t quite get past.

Question #1 - SOLVED I have managed to get the QR code scanned and decoded into the app, then stored as a VARIABLE. However, the only way I can find to turn a decoded QR code into text is with this function below, but it seems to only accept FILE TYPE input. Is there a simple way to get the variable into a pseudo-file type component so that it can be transferred into text?

Decode QR function with only FILE TYPE input

Question #2
How do I push my camera stream to port 8080? I have my camera displaying on the app like this -

Then I think I’m supposed to just push the data to concatenate with the IP address and add “:8080”, then push the data there. However, the function below won’t accept “Web1.URL1” as the input (see below)

I definitely appreciate any help you can throw my way! Thanks!

Extensions used

Do you want to get the return of reading a QRcode?

WOW, THANKS!! I love it when there’s an easy solution right in front of me.

SOLUTION FOR QUESTION #1: So I was trying to “decode” what the QR viewer was reading, but it turns out I didn’t need to. Since it was already in text format, it made my question irrelevant.

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The above event returned what was read by QrCode. Just take the “result”

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And now ? Who will receive the “RESOLVED” mark if I am unable to resolve the second item? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Should I repost Question #2 separately?

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Port 8080 is localhost only for your laptop so not possible you need to create server on nodejs and host that server and need to work with webRTC

I think that already mark the solution of the first … :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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