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I want to view a txt file from my server in the app, how do I do that?

Will you like to explain your question in details?

I have a text file on my server, which has text inside, and I want the app to display what is written in the file. The question is how do I do it.

You can use web component for that. But you will need to do some basic codes to show the txt file.

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What’s in the txt file is html code, and I want it to display what’s in the file as HTML, how do I do that? And how do I do that through a web component?

First can you tell me were are you getting this file from for example is it from a server or from phone storage?

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from a server.

Then you can use web component and receive the text in the Web.GotText event.

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I did like that, and it does not show me! :

Can you show me what response are you getting?

Comment from where? From the link? I sent it to you in private, look.

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why are you using the JSON Text decode method?


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