Show HTML with Textview or Label

hey guys, i want make some improvment for my apps. and the question is, its possible using textview or label for showing html document?

There is a component called Webviewer for this. You can use it to display HTML pages from the internet or local files

You can use the Label component to add simple HTML text, but for a document you need the Webviewer

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thanks for this tips, i have using webview in my old apps. and now i want to try using textview, 'cause if i use webview its need some time to load html.

i will try it, thanks :+1:

You can use a PDF viewer to show a PDF file it you dont want the HTML loading time (which doesnt take long), but I still think the Webviewer is what you need

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ok, thanks for your effort.

i will try it

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