I need to show a document in my app

Basically, when my users first start my app, I want to show them a document. I don’t want them to have to approve any permissions, and I want for the document to be shown even if there’s no internet. Does anybody know an easy way to do this? I have a MS Word file that I can convert if needed.

Copy the doucument text & show it in a dialogue easy

It has styling I want to preserve that would be stripped by copying and pasting.
I think I might’ve found the way: when the app opens, use the Load HTML method, and load my document as HTML.

Yeah you can easily

Can you elaborate? I don’t understand.

First of all make your documents in html formate.& then show it on a label in your app.& make sure you enable html format from advanced setting

Well, I guess there are two ways to do this:
use a WebViewer, and on launch, load the HTML
or use a Label in a Vertical ScrollArrangement that has HTML enabled and has the HTML already in it.

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