How to read QR CODE From Image

I know that we can do it using an API. Hence, i have tried it but it is not working and giving me an error. So, please can anybody give me .aia file or share the blocks for how to read qr code from image using API or any other method if possible.
Api Link: QR code API: command “read-qr-code” (read / scan QR code, QR code reader)

Also, i have tried this:

What is the error? What is the selection you are passing as path?

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en: malformed ‘read-qr-code’ API request. Please consider the API
documentation at QR code API: command “read-qr-code” (read / scan QR code, QR code reader)

de: ungültige ‘read-qr-code’-API-Anfrage. Bitte beachten Sie die
API-Dokumenation unter QR Code API: Befehl „read-qr-code“ (QR Code lesen / scannen, QR Code Reader)

I have tried this also: file:///storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Screenshots/Screenshot_20181024-135636.png

Hello, why this topic end up without solution ?
I want to make an app that can read QR code from image too but i’m not familier with web component and api yet, could anyone help me ? or yes do anyone have any example ?

App Inventor does not support multipart-formdata and my guess is, Kodular also does not support it…

also Appy builder and Thunkable ?

As far I know, all AI2 platforms doesn’t support multi-part/formdata request. Yes I need this feature too, I tried to make extension for that, but it didn’t work.

Post URL with File in Web component serves that purpose

Oh then maybe android studio can help:persevere:

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