QR code Generator :?

Hello guys and girls!
Can anyone help me how to create a qr code generator, I want to put a text and generate it into qr code. A simple generator. I searched in the community, tried a lot of aia. and methods but I didn’t made it :confused: Can anyone please help me? :confused:

Search in community… you will find guide and extensions

sample one is provided

I already tried it with the usage that give in the threat,
it didn’t work :confused:

Can you please help me with a block sample of how is this working? I only care for generating a simple qr

what is the device you used for testing? 10+ or less than that

galaxy samsung a52 with latest update on android

It doesn’t work :confused:
I cant get any image in my image preview… nothing generated :confused:

use file component to move the image into directory. i believe this is due to image path.

If you try the same in lower end device i hope you may see th output in gallery

But I care to show it inside the app, like a live preview :confused:
Can you give me an example because I am trying, but I dont have any result…
I want to see it here live when someone is pressing the button.

in the output try like this,


Nahh, didnt work :confused:

this one?

I tried it already :confused: this can scan but generation is not working :confused:

send me your testing aia

More information is needed to provide any solution.