Scan qr code from gallery

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i know this is asked before but cannot find right answer i know that using barcode scanner component users can scan use camera only is it possible to use using image picker component

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I don’t think so that it is possible
I am not sure about it

You can try this…

If user clicks on the button1 then he will get a notifier of 2 options.

in the options…

1st: bar code scanner
2nd: Image picker

I hope this will work what you need?

which component allows you to get result using image picker . barcode scanner can scan only using camera

What you want to scan? Are you trying to make a qr code scanner?

yes i made but i want to add feature that scan pictures in gallery

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Have you tried any web api to use? I think its paid.

In this case, Currently there’s no Idea coming from my mind. Wait for anyone other :roll_eyes:

oops paid is it possible for free :wink:

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I think no! I have found such sites which are paid. :sweat_smile:

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Try this


from your description i found that you are an android developer . do you have any extensions to do this :wink:

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Sorry! @havish

I don’t have time now :weary: :weary:

You can use…

At first I am also saying for that. But I thought You have may be searched something about it and found it not working.

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thanks this found helpful

no problem i got extension

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I think the answer should be that. If you using this extension

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