Help your friends favorite button

I want to make a favorite button. For example, when this button is pressed, I want the contents of the text to be saved or press it again, to remove it. however, it should not be deleted since it needs to be saved and saved on another screen during recording. How can I do it?

Show what you have done? And give more info of what you are trying to achieve.


The easiest way would be to use a TinyDB. Set the Namespace to the same value on each screen, and store a list of favorites.

I know how to save, but I don’t know how to save the value or text to another page. can you show me an example code for this

And on Screen1, go to TinyDB1’s properties and set Namespace to “Favs”
And on Screen2, go to TinyDB2’s properties and set Namespace to “Favs”

thanks, but, nothing has changed, when I clicked the button, he did not send it to the other page,

Show the blocks for screen1 and screen2.


blocks (2)

all i want is a tag, name, another, send to page and save, i.e. my favorites

I guess you don’t understand the concept of a tinydb. Look at this video.

you might want to learn how to switch screens correctly…


i don’t know this language