How to save my Video, Music or image using Favorite button into my Favorite Page

Hello great kodulars I need your advance help on again

This is the App which I have created using Airtable, Colintree and Spreadsheet

It works fine, But I want to add a Favorite Button when it gets click then the specific video should be saved to another Screen named My Favorite

:point_left:______ :point_right:

I have tried all the technical to save the data using Tiny DB but I have failed to solve the issue.

Please see the blocks down here and help me to correct the errors.

These Blocks are on the home screen named Screen1

And these are the second blocks on the other screen named Favorite

After trying the first method I tried this as the second method but even that didn’t work.

See the blocks of the Second method I used.

This Button opens another Screen

After trying this and found that it is not working

Please I need your advanced help technical method on this.

I will be more thankful.

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I think you should select list item

@himalayanxtiger I don’t understand your suggestion!
Because there is no List item on ColinTree

Check this i made a sample ,
test.aia (54.5 KB)
test.apk (4.8 MB)

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Wow, I can see yours is working but it is not working for me, because I am taking my Tada from Airtable using spreadsheet, so the method you have used here is not compatible with my data.

May be you could help me more in advance way clicking the data from to favorite screen

See my Blocks how I fetch data

blocks (1)

But thanks for showing this though it didn’t work for me but I appreciate your method.

Its same when you got url set url on variable or in a hidden text & add url to list

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I am total failed to make it, please can you help me more if you have time.

What you can do is add a new column called “Favorite”.
There you make a “false” logical value always be saved by default.
When someone presses the favorite button, you change that false value to true.

One very practical thing that Airtable has, and that nobody uses, is the views.

You can create a view of all the rows that have a true value in the Favorite column. Then you get all the rows in that view and put them in colintree. Or you can get every column, and put it in colintree.

learn how to switch screens correctly…
you might want to use the search feature of the community…


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that has been fixed by editing his Aia file, because that need to be do a lot work on that which cant be given here because of many blocks added to different procedures, and also on screen 2 there was a lot of work, but has been fixed. and issue has been resolved.


I real thank @ImranTariq for his great work he helped me to fix it.


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