Hero global app challenge

Anyone here who interest to participate on hero app competition. I have some features idea.if anyone interest he/she can collab with me or us.or we can work like an team (india,bangladesh, Colombia, peru)
For more details :https://www.herocolabs.com

Can you tell me more?

Visit this for more info

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Can you explain what a Hero app is and how is this related to Kodular?

Actually Hero MotoCorp is a company related to two-wheelers manufacturing and selling. They have organized a competition wherein the participants have to re-design their existing app with new UI/UX and also adding new features.
More info :point_down:

The mentioned competition is not


Is there any award? :sunglasses:

A screenshot from the link provided in my above reply


Before you start, make sure they will accept an app made with Kodular. May be they will require the source code if you win and they will not want to use a blocks builder.

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They told in their guidelines that any software/code can be used.
On the other hand, somewhere in their comment section, they are telling that you don’t need to create an app, you just needed to have a 3 mins video explaining your design and ppt presentation of the same

It seems to be confusing :confused: :dizzy_face:


i guess it is a html codinng challenge … if python or other languages i hardly know anything

wat i get is right ur app creation here


images error

is this by any hero company
i saw this logo somewhere

Also, image


That seems better


then i might try to participate

But then this merely a video and a presentation would not be convincing at all.
There should be some kind of practical implementation, to make jury understand what’s the video and presentation about!!!

so u will have to create the app or share my idea nd submit it in a vid or ppt
will we have to show the app later on according to our idea

Besides, how can we ensure below points with just a video and presentation @rizu

Looking at above points, it seems that one needs an app with UI to explain what he/she is talking about in video and presentation!
You cannot explain UX with just a video and presentation!

You make a app with UI/UX, screenshot it and then present it with a video/powerpoint presentation

The video limit is 3minute. And the presentation should be shown in that amount of time!