Hi how to create expand list

Is it possible to create like this ?

Try this


It’s possible but I can’t send u the link bcz it’s not allowed in kodular pm me I wil help u by sending the video link of YouTube

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I try this but not possible to create custom list I wnt to add more items in list for expande example ,images ,button, label,etc

Yes possible in my extension u can create how ever u wnt u can add multiple view and expand layout fully custom …

Can u show me any preview example before buying this extension

Yes ofcourse but not now give me some time I’ll show u tomorrow

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Ok​:+1::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: .

What about using spinners in a Vertical Scroll Arrangement?


PS: Sorry if I am wrong, but that was the first to come in my mind.

You can make it fully customisable. Need some basic knowledge of blocks and arrangement :wink:

This has been discussed before.

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

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Wow superb thanks…

Dont get me wrong is it possible to create increment drecrement ui like this swiping button in ur extension

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Yes ofcourse possible :+1:

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It can be done without extension too. Use Animation Utilities and use horizontal overshoot block to achieve this. :wink:

Dear is possible to swipe button ? Not on click and also I wnt to create in dynamically listview

Yes. You can use gesture detector extension and animation utilities. It will be tough procedure but you can achieve it. :sweat_smile:

How to buy extension.
paypal link is not working.