Hidden Item Name in Bottom Navigation

Hello great kodulars Kodular has two Components which are Tab Layout & Bottom Navigation

See here

In my case I like to use Bottom Navigation for 100% but in 75% I use Tab Layout

The problem I have been facing is that when you add item more than 3 in Bottom Navigation you will then loose some texts in the bottom but if you use only two to three everything will work fine.

see this

Look the fronted it looks like this.

Please I know I can create a bottom navigation manually using Horizontal arangments with some label texts editors, but I like how Bottom navigation works in slider when someone cliks it. So please help me how to fix this.

Thanks I am waiting your response.

That’s because Android does that so everything can fit. If you’re unaware, you’re only allowed 5 items with bottom navigation. This is not an issue with the component, but it’s just there to save space. Now don’t be alerted by this, if you click on a different item with bottom navigation, it will transition to show the text you’ve set to be under it.


I think on a larger screen or in landscape (maybe also with small font) all these texts are visible at the same time.

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In my phone only 5 :no_mouth:

My apologies, looking back it is 5. If it’s over 5, your app will crash.

Or they just won’t show :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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