Sidebar navigation or bottom bar?

Hello dear community.

İ made an app with Kodular. And now testing it on my friends’ phones. I saw that nobody open sidebar navigation, they think that app has only one screen, dont navigate to other screens and this result of testing bother me. I think that change the navigation bar to bottom bar. What do you think about this issue, do you have any advice to me?
Thank you

You can use the regular component for Tabs as a Bottom Bar. Just put an arrangement between the Top Title Bar and the Bottom. You’ll find out how to do things from here.

We have to see :slightly_smiling_face:.

İ can not understand you ((

Are you using the default Title bar? If yes, they didn’t notice the menu button?


No, there’s a Tab component on Kodular, check the layout sections.

Yes, people dont see the sidebar

This could help you !

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You can use the Floating Action Button. You can put two or three FAB, something like this:

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Use a spotlight to show them there is a navigation bar.