Hide links in web viewer

I created an app which is is ussing webviewer when user lost connection getting error and show my link.i don’t want to show link address to users how can I hide it.help me anyone

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use internet connection system in one screen. If user data is not available then user will unable to go to webviewer screen …

But when he trun off data in second screen he is getting link

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user timer to check every sec. If in a sec he close the data the message will come without cancel option.

Ya but in background link will show

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If notifier will popup no one is able to get the link.

How to show full screen Notifaction can you please telll

Wait a sec.

Okay sure…

here is the option… try this…

Sure I will try

please mark my option as solution…

Hi, use Network component… This gonna be best choice to show an error.

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This is what you can show when network gets disconnected… It’s pretty good!

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Ya how can I show it

Use Network component and Lottie Files.

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