How can I stop this when internet is connected but is down or credit bundle is expired or used up?

I am using Webview component and I have tried to use network component but sometime when the internet is down the Webview shows my direct URL, I real don’t like this to be seen to my users.
here are my blocks

the screenshot

Please I need your advanced solution.

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Use if and then with else option
And use else option to show error message.

You can use an custom error page.

WebView Custom Error Page AIA File

Download -

Or you can use fast connection block for cheak Internet connection is fast or slow (it will be return true when Internet speed is more that 400kb/s

@msr79526 what is your help on this? because you sent me on a website and I don’t know what to do with it.

Using Extended Web Viewer Extension you can use OnErrorOccured event to hide your webview and display your message.


I give you an aia link that was made by deephost that have custom error page.

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Plz don’t post deephost website link here because there is no download option its better to post extension name and there app link from google play from which user can download without looping in website


I will try next time.sorry for that

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You can try the on disconnect network blcok

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