Is there a block in case of loading error in Webview?

I have a problem when I am inside my app, I don’t know how to avoid “Web page not available” when I deactivate the mobile data and click on a button which will go to another url.

I have used the CHECK_NETWORK plug-in, it works perfect, the point is that it cannot detect if the user has MB to navigate.

Since CHECK_NETWORK detects that Wi-Fi or mobile data is activated, it will not display a Custom dialog which I put it to say that it has no internet access.

When what I need is how to make the network_check can detect if they have MB available to browse, since if it doesn’t have it, it will show my WebView as “Web page not available” showing the url (I don’t want anyone to know the url since it’s done exclusively for my app)


Use When Disconnected open another screen… Screen name:- ErrorScreen!**

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Could you share your project? I’m new to Kodular and I’m kind of lost. Your project seems to do exactly what I want.


Please specify what you are trying to do.

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I am creating a simple application with web pages. The problem is that my URL is secure and no one can access it. Whenever there is some kind of ERROR the system ends up generating this Webview error page exposing the URL, I want to avoid that.

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Use Network component … You’ll find Is Disconnected block there… Set your blocks as below…

If Network Is Disconnected… Then open Error Screen

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Does this method verify that the user has real internet access? The same doubt of this post. Sometimes the user is logged in on some kind of connection but no data is being received.

Using this to my own app. It’s working good.


Great. I will do the tests. Thank you for your help.

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Hi, I have the same error as you, could you explain to me with blocks, please, how did you solve the problem or someone to help me, thank you very much for you and for everyone.

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I am having this issue, but what you stated is not working, I know you mean .On Disconnection Component, I used is still if the user has no Data Connection or his/her Internet Data executed it fail and display the web url to the user like cropots posted.

So I think what we need to solve this issue is When webview failed to load or When webview failed to reload Components.

So i need this solution if you already solve it share it please. I notice it about a year now :sweat_smile:

Hope it’s now clear enough.

In addition, if you want Webviewer loading error event, use extanded webviewer.

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Thanks for the reply but it does not work for me,
Because I have already use .On Disconnect Component to Pass User to No Internet Connection Page, So I try to use the If statement but still not work.
And Let me clarify the actual issue we want to solve

Web page not available
The web page at
Could not be loaded because:

Above is what we don’t want user to see.

So run a test by inserting a Mobile SIM that has no Internet/Data Subscription in your phone and switch ON your Data Open the App sure it will display the error above. or connect to WIFI that has no Data.

Kodular issue


Here is exact what i want but they did share the extension,

but i founded one from this