Do not display Google Sheet information when there is no connection

How to avoid this occurrence? When I don’t have a good internet connection or no internet, by putting the password there is the information of the sheet that is displayed. How to get around this? If I can have an illustration with the blocks if possible.

Use screen error block

Try with network block.

When submit button clicked
If call network 1 s connected
Set web1 to URL (xxxxx)
Call web1.get

Else notification 1 set alert (please enable network)

Use screen error occurred

If error number = 1101
Then show alert (notifier component) or what you want

If you use screen error, then it means web url getting trigger. User need to wait for few sec to get error but network block will detect instantly

Thanks a lot for your answers. Very satisfied. And I tried and it works very well. But to simplify myself, I used the logic according to which, if there is error 1101, then A notification appears. Thank you very much for your help​:pray::pray::pray:.

I tried that but only that even if I don’t have a mobile network internet plan, I have to leave my mobile network open to connect to wifi.
That is to say that I cannot use the wifi if I do not activate my mobile network. Yet when I use the screen error, I don’t have to activate the mobile network when I connect to a wifi network. If you can show it a little block so that I understand a little. Maybe I misunderstood your answer. Thanks.

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