Highlight and Cursor COLOR

How to change a new color for cursor and higlight in text box?

Because in my app, the default color dont modify!!

Have you tried advanced properties for textbox

Btw, you may not see the changes until you build your app



Yeah, but the purple dont modify, leastways

Function {

.Set Text.Box . highlight color to (black), but, not update

Try it with a compiled APK.

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Thanks brother!

I have the same problem, with a compiled APK too, i need help please…!

Same problem with a compiled APK!

Just to be sure we talk about the same thing here. Highlight color only appears when you select the text you just typed in the input. By default it’s transparent. It is NOT the color underlying the input field (that’s what i’m trying to change right now but that’s another topic)
Do we all agree on the intended use here ?

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Cursor color does not change when changed in designer or in code. It’s doesn’t work in both companion and compiled app.

Is this a bug needing fixing?