Hii want to my app shows in this share view how it is possible. And How to get shared value in app screen

Hii want to my app shows in this share view how it is possible.
And How to get shared value in app screen
And please if can not give me solution.
Than atleast don’t close my topic

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Maybe this can help you:

You should search in comunity first

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it’s not that simple…

see this msg from him:
“I’m want to on click share button of YouTube and show my app in this list”


If your questions is not hit the FAQ - Kodular Community
Why mods close it?

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use a tinnydb and share component
when btn is clicked
share the particular thing
and then call save it in tiny db

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If you want the user click on button to open Gmail app
Then use activity starter and if you want to show this image format then use share component which inbuilt component in kodular

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I know what are ypu talking about.
It is not possible yet, On Kodular, It have some code in it to add your app in other app share list.

Possible on Android Studio

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Explain me @PapaNoob63 because I didn’t understand her @sbte824118 problem

@sbte824118 wanted to add his app in the list of other app share, if we click share button on YouTube his app will be shown for redirect the link in his app, In All Other apps share option.

Kodular has a designer property ReceiveSharedFiles in screen1 which is used to receive specific values shared from another apps, it will show your app in the sharing list.
This event will be called when your app receive a shared file:


I’m also use this components.
But it’s only work for file sharing
Not set my app in YouTube share list.

Actually I’m want to own thumbnails downloader app.
And I’m want redirect into my app from YouTube with YouTube video link.

I hope now completely understand my problem.

The YouTube link is a text, so you can check the text checkbox in the ReceiveSharedFiles it’s not possible to show your app in a specific app’s sharing list.



have you checked this one in screen1 designer properties?