🐝 Honeycomb 0.1.0 – Modernize your change logs!

:honeybee: Honeycomb

Tired of writing those plain change logs on the community? Do you hate not having a pretty change log? Introducing Honeycomb, a new way to write your change logs! Honeycomb is written in JS, but created with React. It’s a simple way to apply styling to your change logs while still keeping them looking modern and simplistic, it makes sure you get right to the point!

How to get started

Go to https://bee-honeycomb.vercel.app/. When it’s finished loading, you’ll see the following result.

Editing fields and inputs

  • Color will be used for the repository author username and repository name if you specify a valid GitHub repository.
    • This should be a hex code.
  • GitHub Repository will be used as the repository of your project from GitHub, this will let developers using your extension know that it’s open source!
    • Repositories are validated to make sure they exist… If the entered username and repository name don’t exist, then the repository won’t be shown in the output. This also applies if there are any errors with your username and repository, such as it being private.
    • This should be formatted like “username/repository.” For example, a full URL would be "https://github.com/username/repo," however, you only need “username/repo” from the end of the URL.
  • Project is used as the name of your project you’re generating the change log for.
    • This shouldn’t contain any emojis or numbers.
  • Version is used to specify the version of the project you’re writing the change log for.

The ability to use a dark theme

You can toggle the “Night variant” switch to change the background and text colors of the output to be dark!

Adding and removing changes

* HTML can be added to your changes! Some elements such as <ul> and <li> will not render correctly.

To add changes, use the “ADD” button to the right of “What changes were made?” To remove changes, use the trash can button at the end of the text field.

The preview

The preview can be found under the “Night variant” switch, and above the “What changes were made?” header!

The output

* The following output assumes you’ve added a GitHub repository and exported the change log on an XL sized screen.

Using the “EXPORT” button at the bottom, you can export your change log as a PNG image and just drag-and-drop onto the community!


It would also be nice if you could export in txt too, in case the person doesn’t have a good internet to upload the images.

Congratulations :star:

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The problem with that is, Honeycomb wasn’t made for that. With a text file, you don’t have customization, it’s better to just type the changelog yourself if that is the case!


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@hammerhai , I tried it once​:slightly_smiling_face:. When I click ok export then an image was downloaded but the image seems wrong. It is not downloaded full.


Or should I take screen shot of that?

Maybe you’re using phone, try in desktop or laptop, it was right for me.

It’s only when you’re using the phone.

Example-change-log (1)

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@Sumit1334 as @Xoma said, issues will occur when using smaller devices. It should be possible to bypass them by just enabling “Desktop site” :)


Honeycomb 0.1.0 has been redeployed due to an issue causing lag. This should be resolved in the next day or two.


I cannot type the project name, it lags :frowning:


If your project is an extension, you can choose to upload it! Lagging seems to be a recurring issue now.

Yes, I uploaded it and automatically set the name from the extension :upside_down_face:
But in the changelogs, it’s just very difficult to type. It sometimes ignores some skips some characters or it just freezes for a moment


Unfortunately that does happen. In development it was able to detect keystrokes, but now it’s not able to as fast as before. Until now, performance wasn’t a priority, however I did do some benchmarking beforehand and it was bad, but I did manage to fix it slightly.

Hmm, really I can’t type anything , hope you can see the video below recorded with a virtual keyboard.


and my firefox freezed and crashed (not a joke). But I am able to paste text in it and it works fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: worked out well typing slow :grinning:
Edit: Wow hindi exists :grin: too

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I do apologize. What I can do is try a solution I think might work, but it will remove persistence. Give me a few minutes and I’ll test & deploy.

Yes :sweat_smile:

Since I cannot seem to find the issue @Xoma, I have temporarily redeployed Honeycomb 0.1.0. This should only be for about the next one or two days depending on my availability.

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I am getting a blank white image if the page is in light mode and a black image if it’s in dark mode. BTW, Nice concept.

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I’m sorry @Jaxparrow, are you using Honeycomb on a mobile device or a PC?

Firefox on Linux. Adblocker disabled, Scripts enabled, Tracking Protection disabled for your site. IDK, if there was a problem running a important script running in your site. That’s why I disabled them.

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Can you try another browser for me? Chrome or Edge if they have that for Linux.

Oh yeah, you can enable them :sweat_smile:

Sorry for the inconvenience. It worked after I disabled the Protection fully. I think some code of your website is blocked by firefox or my adblocker extension.

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