Lobster Closed-Alpha

:lobster: Lobster

As a successor to Honeycomb, Lobster will focus on delivering a minimalist and smoother experience to the internet, while preserving features that made Honeycomb attractive to some.

The closed-alpha that this thread relates to, will remain open to five lucky candidates for the time-being.

Planning on waiting? General availability is assumed to be achieved by Q1 2023, however, there will be chances to try Lobster at later stages!

Apply at https://forms.gle/7XpxBeveo9SyeqFs9, five spaces are left.


  • Must have developed FOSS in the past
    • Active projects are required, though this may be waived contingent on the amount of spaces left.
    • Contributors, other than yourself, are also recommended, though not required. Your acceptance will not be denied if only you contributed to your project.

What you’ll do

  • Give constructive feedback
  • Try out new features