How add bookmarks option in app

when i have downloaded the aia from the post name was “EditTinyDB.aia” after when i exported it from kodular the fill will get automatically renamed by my pc to"EditTinyDB(1).aia"… my only purpose was too help neeraj nothing else if someone is having problem I can delete my post

Just remove the AIA file until you found the Owner.

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I am using colin tree list view extension and that icon is part of same. How to do?
Only pro users can do it, i am a newbie. What if i share project here? Can someone edit it?

Yes, i have get it from a youtube video. But that guy hardly responds

You mean me?

Depends i fyou want to.

Yes, but I have no time now. Maybe later. However, be always patient.

As I said here you must not use Aia from such source that are not genuine and don’t support or responds.

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Thanks in advance dear Yoshi.
Here is project file12-june.aia (691.4 KB)

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Sry for late reply.

This is exactly what u want.

These blocks are from my project.
First block is to show added bookmarks.

Second for Add bookmark.

In second block, I used Floating Action Button, you use colin tree list view extra button clicked.

Use this logic and make necessary changes.

I am new to this. So i dont know what has been explained in this. I want when bookmark button is clicked, value should be stored somewhere and when bookmark screen is opened, it should be found there

Then what i did in above blocks?

Look blocks carefully and read description. I have explained everything.

Try to adopt it.

He’s also asked the exact same question on Thunkable X so it’s hard to know what platform he wants it for.

in this case I will unlist this thread

What should i put in Tag?

Any text…

I mean what would be tag in my app?

Anything. Just don’t keep it blank

And how to use tiny db? Which third party do i need to use to store bookmark data?

Why don’t you try something yourself and if you have any problems then ask it.
You must read the docs to know how to use tinyDB

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Are you mad?

Everything i have provided in above blocks. These are working blocks from my project.

Bookmarks are saved in tiny db, no need to use anything.

Just apply above blocks in your project.