how associate firebase data each own user

how can i associate firebase database with user id?

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Hi @andre_kainan welcome to Kodular Community
I found this one for you:

What actually you want. I am unable to get you…

Use device tools and get device id and store that to as bucket in firebase and that user data store in that firebase

Using GetIMEI isn’t your best choice because of security and you can also change your IMEI, so data would be lost if their device is rooted and they change their IMEI.

But i am talking about device id, user cannot change there device id

See you’re being unclear. What’s a device is?

Okay… as you said, . I am not going to prove anything, i am making my apps with this unclear knowledge and they are working very well and non hackable , thank you for your words bro, have a nice day

I didn’t say you weren’t gonna prove anything. I said earlier (because I thought you meant an IMEI) that it’s unsecure to put that in a public database. All I was asking is everyone is saying Device Id I’d like to know what it is :upside_down_face:

No , i know the difference between imei and Android device id, these both are different things and i was asking to use device id not imei , i know imei is changeable and user can change that easily,

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Thanks for telling me that it was not changeable. More clear on my part now :blush:

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I was talking about this

I know, but to admit, I forgot what it returns :face_with_monocle:

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When i used something was return :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: and i used, now i don’t know i will check today what is returning

Our documentation has more info:

Do take a look!


Thanks @Vishwas, didn’t think about it!

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